Nivolumab immune checkpoint inhibition  

Opdivo - BMS-936558 - ONO-4538 - MDX-1106      

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Trial Studied trt Control trt patientstagsROB Trial resultprogression or death (progression free survival PFS) death (overall survival)

gastric or gastro-oesophageal junction cancer (advanced)  

ATTRACTION-2, 2017      NCTnivolumabplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting-37%

Head and neck cancer  

Checkmate-141, 2016      NCTnivolumabstandard treatment2L 2nd line platinum failure Risk of bias conclusive-11%-30%

lung cancer (metastatic)  

CheckMate 057, 2015      NCTnivolumabdocetaxel2L, non squamous 2nd+ line nonsquamous NSCLC Risk of bias suggesting-8%-27%
CheckMate 017, 2015    NCTnivolumabdocetaxel2L, squamous 2nd+ line squamous NSCLC Risk of bias suggesting-38%-41%
CheckMate 026, 2016    NCTnivolumabplatinum-based CT1L, PDL1 positive 1st line PD-L1 positive Risk of bias negative15%2%
CheckMate 227 (nivolumab + CT), 2018    NCTnivolumab + CTplatinum-based CT1L, PDL1 negatif 1st line PD-L1 negatif suggesting-26%
CheckMate 227 (High Tumor Mutational Burden), 2018      NCTnivolumab + ipilimumabplatinum-based CT1L, hi TMB 1st line Risk of bias suggesting-42%


CheckMate 037 (Weber), 2015      NCTnivolumabchemotherapy2L, anti-CTLA-4 failure 2nd line Risk of bias suggesting
CheckMate 066 (Robert), 2015      NCTnivolumabdacarbazine1L 1st line Low risk of bias conclusive -57%-58%
CheckMate 238, 2017      NCTnivolumabipilimumabadjuvant adjuvant Low risk of bias conclusive-35%
CheckMate 067 (nivo vs ipi), 2015      NCTnivolumabipilimumab1L 1st line Low risk of bias conclusive-43%
CheckMate 238 subgroup IIIB-C   nivolumabipilimumabsuggesting-35%
CheckMate 067 (nivo + ipi vs ipi), 2015    NCTnivolumab + ipilimumabipilimumab1L 1st line Low risk of bias conclusive -58%
Postow, 2015      NCTnivolumab + ipilimumabipilimumab1L 1st line Exploratory -
CheckMate 067 (nivo + ipi vs nivo), 2015      NCTnivolumab + ipilimumabnivolumab1L 1st line Exploratory -

renal-cell carcinoma (advanced)  

Chekmate 025 (Motzer), 2015      NCTnivolumabeverolimus2LRisk of bias suggesting-12%-27%
CheckMate-214, 2017      NCTnivolumab + ipilimumabsunitinib1LRisk of bias conclusive-18%-32%

urothelial carcinoma (advanced)  

Checkmate 275 single-arm      NCTnivolumabnil2nd line 2nd line Exploratory -