weight-loss drugs


Trial Studied trt Control trt patientstagsROB Trial resultweight loss equal to or greater than 10 percent weight loss equal to or greater than 5 percent

cardiovascular prevention  

CRESCENDO, 2010      NCTrimonabantplaceboLow risk of bias negative
RIO europe 20mg, 2005     rimonabant 20mgplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting280%168%
Rio-lipid 20 mg, 2005     rimonabant 20mgplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting 347%
RIO-North America 20 mg, 2006      NCTrimonabant 20mgplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting194%144%
RIO europe 5mg, 2005     rimonabant 5mgplaceboLow risk of bias -
RIO europe (20 vs 5 mg), 2005   rimonabant 20mgrimonabant 5mg -