lifestyle intervention


Trial Studied trt Control trt patientstagsROB Trial resultAll cause deathCoronary death

cardiovascular prevention  

Veterans Ad. (Dayton), 1969   dietusual dietLow risk of bias suggesting -2%-18%
MRC Soya, 1968   dietusual dietRisk of bias negative-12%-3%
Woodhill, 1966   dietusual dietLow risk of bias negative49%44%
Oslo Diet Heart Study (Leren), 1966   dietusual dietRisk of bias suggesting-25%-26%
Rose, 1965   dietusual dietExploratory negative285%141%
MRC low fat, 1965   dietusual dietRisk of bias negative-13%
WHI low fat, 2005    NCTdietusual dietExploratory negative1%
Singh, 1992   dietusual dietRisk of bias -
STARS (St Thomas, diet), 1992     dietusual dietExploratory negative-67%
Los Angeles VA (Dayton), 1969   dietusual dietLow risk of bias -
Ornish, 1990     dietusual dietExploratory negative∞%
Kallio, 1979   dietusual dietExploratory -
MRFIT, 1982   dietusual dietRisk of bias -
Hjermann, 1981   dietusual dietRisk of bias -
Finnish Mental Hospital (Miettinen), 1985     dietusual dietprimary preventionExploratory -
Göteborg (Wilhelmsen), 1986     dietusual dietLow risk of bias negative-2%
Black, 1994     dietusual dietRisk of bias negative-51%
Goteborg, 1986     dietusual dietRisk of bias -
Minnesota coronary survey (Frantz), 1975   dietusual dietExploratory negative3%15%
Tuttle, 2008     low fat dietmediterranean-style dietRisk of bias -