Trial Studied trt Control trt patientstagsROB Trial resultAll cause deathstroke (fatal and non fatal)

cardiovascular prevention  

Mohler, 2003     atorvastatinplacebosecondary preventionLow risk of bias -
ASCOT, 2003   atorvastatinplaceboat risk hypertensive hypertensive patients Low risk of bias conclusive-13%-27%
ASPEN, 2006     atorvastatinplacebodiabetic type 2 diabetes Low risk of bias negative-11%
CARDS, 2004      NCTatorvastatinplacebodiabetic type 2 diabetes Low risk of bias conclusive-26%-47%
GREACE, 2002     atorvastatinusual caresecondary preventionRisk of bias suggesting-43%-47%
AVERT, 1999     atorvastatin high doseangioplastysecondary preventionRisk of bias negative
TNT, 2005            NCTatorvastatin high doseatorvastatinsecondary preventionLow risk of bias conclusive 1%-24%
Vascular basis, 2005     atorvastatin high doselovastatinsecondary preventionExploratory negative∞%-48%
SAGE, 2007     atorvastatin high dosepravastatinsecondary preventionExploratory suggesting-67%-67%
REVERSAL, 2004     atorvastatin high dosepravastatinsecondary preventionExploratory negative0%
IDEAL, 2005        NCTatorvastatin high dosesimvastatinsecondary preventionRisk of bias suggesting -2%-13%
FLARE, 1999     fluvastatinplacebosecondary preventionExploratory negative-55%
LCAS, 1997     fluvastatinplacebosecondary preventionExploratory negative-4%
HYRIM, 2005   fluvastatinplacebohypertensive hypertensive patients Exploratory negative-19%
Riegger et al., 1999     fluvastatinplacebosecondary preventionLow risk of bias negative-52%
BCAPS, 2001     fluvastatinplaceboprimary prevention cerebral vascular disease Low risk of bias negative1%
LIPS, 2002     fluvastatinplacebosecondary preventionLow risk of bias suggesting-27%
Weintraub, 1994     lovastatinplacebosecondary preventionLow risk of bias negative
CRISP 40mg, 1994    NCTlovastatinplacebodiabeticExploratory -
CRISP 20mg, 1994    NCTlovastatinplacebodiabeticExploratory -
ACAPS, 1994    NCTlovastatinplacebosecondary prevention cerebral vascular disease Exploratory suggesting-88%-100%
MARS, 1993      NCTlovastatinplacebosecondary preventionExploratory negative∞%
CCAIT, 1994   lovastatinplacebosecondary preventionExploratory negative1%
AFCAPS/TexCAPS, 1998     lovastatinplaceboprimary preventionLow risk of bias conclusive4%-18%
CLAPT, 1999     lovastatinusual caresecondary preventionExploratory negative-100%
Sahni, 1991   lovastatinusual caresecondary preventionRisk of bias negative-21%
FAST Fukuoka pravastatin, 2002     pravastatincontrolprimary preventionExploratory -
MEGA, 2006        NCTpravastatincontrolprimary preventionRisk of bias suggesting-29%-17%
WOSCOPS, 1995     pravastatinplaceboprimary preventionLow risk of bias conclusive-22%-10%
REGRESS, 1995       pravastatinplacebosecondary preventionExploratory suggesting-40%
PLAC II, 1995     pravastatinplacebosecondary preventionExploratory negative
LIPID, 1998         pravastatinplacebosecondary preventionLow risk of bias conclusive-22%-17%
CARE, 1996       pravastatinplacebosecondary preventionLow risk of bias conclusive-8%-31%
PACT, 2004     pravastatinplacebosecondary preventionLow risk of bias negative-36%
PROSPER (primary prevention subgroup), 2002     pravastatinplaceboprimary prevention elderly Exploratory negative-2%3%
CAIUS, 1996     pravastatinplaceboprimary prevention cerebral vascular disease Exploratory negative
PROSPER, 2002   pravastatinplacebosecondary prevention elderly Low risk of bias conclusive -2%4%
PHYLLIS, 2004     pravastatinplacebodiabetic cerebral vascular disease hypertensive patients Exploratory -
PMSG, 1993   pravastatinplaceboprimary preventionExploratory negative-100%
PLAC I, 1995     pravastatinplacebosecondary preventionExploratory suggesting-35%-100%
KLIS, 2000   pravastatinusual careprimary preventionRisk of bias -
GISSI Prevenzione, 2000     pravastatinusual caresecondary preventionRisk of bias negative-18%5%
ALLHAT, 2002      NCTpravastatinusual careat risk hypertensive hypertensive patients Risk of bias negative-1%-9%
HOPE 3, 2016      NCTrosuvastatinplaceboprimary preventionLow risk of bias conclusive-7%-30%
METEOR, 2007      NCTrosuvastatinplacebodiabeticExploratory negative∞%
JUPITER, 2008    NCTrosuvastatinplaceboprimary preventionLow risk of bias conclusive -20%-48%
4S, 1994   simvastatinplacebosecondary preventionLow risk of bias conclusive-29%-29%
MAAS, 1994   simvastatinplacebosecondary preventionExploratory negative-65%
CIS, 1997     simvastatinplacebosecondary preventionExploratory negative-76%
HPS (diabetic primary prevention sub group), 2003     simvastatinplacebodiabetic type 2 diabetes Exploratory -
HPS, 2002         simvastatinplacebosecondary preventionLow risk of bias conclusive-12%-24%
SEARCH, 2010    NCTsimvastatin high dosesimvastatinsecondary preventionLow risk of bias suggesting 0%-9%

heart failure  

Yamada, 2007     atorvastatincontrolheart failurenegative-100%
Wojnicz, 2006     atorvastatincontrolheart failurenegative
Strey, 2005     atorvastatinplaceboheart failure -
Sola, 2006     atorvastatinplaceboheart failureLow risk of bias negative0%
Laufs, 2004     cerivastatinplaceboheart failureLow risk of bias -
CORONA, 2007      NCTrosuvastatinplaceboheart failureLow risk of bias negative-5%
Krum, 2007     rosuvastatinplaceboheart failureLow risk of bias negative-23%
GISSI-HF rosuvastatine, 2008      NCTrosuvastatinplaceboheart failureLow risk of bias negative 2%24%
Hong, 2005     simvastatincontrolheart failureRisk of bias negative
Node, 2003     simvastatinplaceboheart failurenegative
Landmesser, 2005     simvastatinezetimibeheart failure -

percutaneous coronary intervention  

NAPLES II (Briguori), 2009     atorvastatincontrolsuggesting
ARMYDA, 2004     atorvastatinplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting-71%
ARMYDA-RECAPTURE, 2009   atorvastatin reloadplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting-100%
GAIN, 2001     atorvastatinusual carenegative∞%
FLARE, 1999     fluvastatinplaceboLow risk of bias negative-55%
LIPS, 2002     fluvastatinplaceboLow risk of bias negative-27%97%
PREDICT, 1997     pravastatinplaceboLow risk of bias negative301%∞%