stable angina


Trial Studied trt Control trt patientstagsROB Trial resultAll cause deathmyocardial infarction (fatal and non fatal)

anti-anginal drugs  

MARIZA, 2004     ranolazine 1000mgplaceboLow risk of bias -
RAN080, 2005     ranolazine 1000mgplaceboLow risk of bias -
CARISA 1000mg, 2004     ranolazine 1000mgplacebo (on top standard treatment)Low risk of bias negative
ERICA, 2006      NCTranolazine 1000mg + amlodipineplacebo + amlodipineLow risk of bias -


not classified  
PROVE-IT, 2005     GatifloxacinplaceboLow risk of bias negative28%-11%
ROXIS, 1999     RoxithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias negative0%-100%
Leowattana et al, 2001   Roxithromycinplacebonegative -5%578%
ANTIBIO, 2003     RoxithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias negative9%-11%
Gupta et al, 1997     AzithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias negative-50%
ACADEMIC, 1999     AzithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias negative25%-32%
WIZARD, 2003     AzithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias negative-7%-5%
ACES, 2005      NCTAzithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias negative7%4%
STAMINA (Azithromycin), 2002     AzithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias negative-4%
AZACS, 2003     AzithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias negative7%-22%
CLARIFY, 2001     clarithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting0%-48%
CLARICOR, 2006    NCTclarithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias negative 17%


not classified  
Murphy, 2003   roxifiban placeboLow risk of bias -
SAPAT, 1992   aspirinplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
ASCET    NCTclopidogrelaspirinRisk of bias negative
Atlanta (Sbar), 1967   dipyridamolcontrolLow risk of bias negative
Becker, 1967   dipyridamolcontrolLow risk of bias negative
Wirecki, 1967   dipyridamolcontrolLow risk of bias negative
Igloe, 1970   dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Zion, 1961   dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Kinsella, 1962   dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Leiberman, 1964   dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Dewar, 1961   dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Neumann, 1964   dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Foulds, 1960   dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Berglund, 1985   ticlopidineplaceboLow risk of bias negative

HR-slowing agents  

Borer (CL2-009) 10mg, 2003     ivabradine 10mgplaceboLow risk of bias -
BEAUTIFUL, 2008    NCTivabradine 15mgplaceboLow risk of bias negative4%-13%
Borer (CL2-009) 20mg, 2003   ivabradine 20mgplaceboLow risk of bias -
SIGNIFY, 2014     ivabradine 20mgplaceboLow risk of bias negative6%5%
Borer (CL2-009) 5mg, 2003     ivabradine 5mgplaceboLow risk of bias -
BEAUTIFUL (angina subgroup)   ivabradine 15mgplacebo (on top standard treatment)Low risk of bias suggesting-12%-41%
CL3-018 10mg   ivabradine 10mgplacebo on top of amlodipine -
CL3-018 15mg   ivabradine 15mgplacebo on top of amlodipine -
ASSOCIATE (Tardif), 2009    NCTivabradine 15mgplacebo on top of atenololLow risk of bias -
CL3-023 (15mg)   ivabradineamlodipineLow risk of bias -
CL3-023 (20mg)   ivabradineamlodipineLow risk of bias -
Ruzyllo (CL3-023) 15mg, 2007     ivabradine 15mgamlodipineLow risk of bias -
Ruzyllo (CL3-023) 20mg, 2007     ivabradine 20mgamlodipineLow risk of bias -
INITIATIVE (CL3-017, Tardif) 15mg, 2005   ivabradine 15mgatenololLow risk of bias -
INITIATIVE (CL3-017, Tardif) 20mg, 2005   ivabradine 20mgatenololLow risk of bias -

myocardial revascularization  

not classified  
Serruys Benestent 2, 1998     stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Versaci , 1997     stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Fischman STRESS, 1994     stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Serruys Benestent, 1994       stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Moer, 2001     stentballoon angioplastynegative
Doucet, 2001     stentballoon angioplastynegative
Koning, 2001     stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Park, 2000     stentballoon angioplastynegative
Lotan, 2000     stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Weaver, 2000     stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Dangas, 2000     stentballoon angioplastynegative
Fluck, 2000     stentballoon angioplastynegative
Lafont, 2000     stentballoon angioplastynegative
Witkowski, 2000     stentballoon angioplastynegative
Kastrati, 2000     stentballoon angioplastynegative
Di Marlo, 2000     stentballoon angioplastynegative
Serruys, 2000     stentballoon angioplastynegative
Lincoff (EPISTENT), 1999        NCTstentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Buller, 1999     stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Betriu, 1999     stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Hoher, 1999     stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Sievert, 1999     stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Eeckout, 1996   stentballoon angioplastynegative
Sirnes, 1996     stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Savage, 1998     stentballoon angioplastynegative
Erbel, 1998     stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Rubartelli, 1998       stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Hancock, 1998     stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Rodriguez, 1998     stentballoon angioplastynegative
EVOLVE, 2012      NCTbioabsorbable polymer EESeverolimus eluting stent -
FAME II, 2012        NCTFFR-guided PCIno PCIsuggesting-67%
Leon (high dose), 2005     TMRplaceboLow risk of bias negative-48%
SYNTAX (diabetic), 2010      NCTPCI with drug-eluting stentsCABGExploratory -
ARTS, 2001             stentCABGnegative
ERACI II, 2003       stentCABGRisk of bias suggesting
SOS, 2002            NCTstentCABGRisk of bias suggesting
CARDia (PCI), 2008   stentCABGRisk of bias negative
LEMANS, 2002      NCTstentCABGExploratory negative
MASS II, 2007     stentCABGRisk of bias negative49%
Myoprotect, 2004     stentCABGExploratory -
Cisowski   stentE-ACABnegative
STICH (vs med), 2011    NCTCABGmedical treatmentRisk of bias suggesting -9%
CASS subgroup, 1985       CABGmedical treatmentExploratory suggesting-50%
Schofield, 1999       TMRmedical treatmentRisk of bias negative
Allen, 1999           TMRmedical treatmentRisk of bias negative 26%
Frazier, 1999       TMRmedical treatmentRisk of bias negative
ATLANTIC (Burkhoff), 1999     TMRmedical treatmentRisk of bias negative
Aaberge, 2000         TMRmedical treatmentRisk of bias negative57%
Huikeshoven, 2003     TMRmedical treatmentExploratory -
PACIFIC, 2000     TMRmedical treatmentRisk of bias negative
Stone, 2002     TMRmedical treatmentRisk of bias negative-100%
Salem, 2004     TMRmedical treatmentLow risk of bias negative
van der Sloot, 2004     TMRmedical treatmentExploratory negative∞%
March, 1999   TMRmedical treatmentExploratory -
Gray, 2003     TMRmedical treatmentExploratory negative
Diegeler, 2002       stentMIDCABRisk of bias negative
Drenth, 2002         stentMIDCABRisk of bias negative
Grip, 2001   stentMIDCABnegative
SIMA, 2000   stentMIDCABnegative
Kim, 2005     stentMIDCABRisk of bias -
OCTOSTENT, 2003        NCTstentOPCABRisk of bias negative
Costar II, 2008      NCTCoStar stentpaclitaxel eluting stentRisk of bias negative -31%47%
ISAR-TEST-4 (biodegradable polymer), 2009    NCTsirolimus biodegradable polymersirolimus eluting stentRisk of bias negative-1%4%
Galiñanes, 2004     TMRthoracic sympathectomyExploratory negative
AMIST (Reeves), 2004     angioplastyMIDCABRisk of bias -
biolimus eluting stent  
LEADERS, 2008      NCTbiolimus eluting stentsirolimus eluting stentnegative-9%25%
Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery  
Allen, 2000     TMR+CABGCABG -
STICH (ventricular reconstruction), 2009      NCTCABG+surgical ventricular reconstructionCABGnegative-3%-9%
Loubani, 2003     TMR+CABGCABGExploratory -
Zhao, 2006   TMR+CABGCABGExploratory -
MASS II, 2007     CABGmedical treatmentnegative
VA, 1984   CABGmedical treatmentsuggesting
ECSS (European), 1988   CABGmedical treatmentsuggesting
CASS, 1983    NCTCABGmedical treatmentnegative
Texas, 1977   CABGmedical treatmentnegative
Oregon, 1979   CABGmedical treatmentnegative
New zealand 1, 1981   CABGmedical treatmentnegative
BARI 2D, 2009          NCTCABG or PCImedical treatmentRisk of bias negative
dactinomycin eluting stent  
ACTION, 2004   dactinomycin eluting stentbare-metal stentsuggesting-56%161%
drug-eluting stents  
Boudriot, 2008   DESCABGExploratory negative-61%
FREEDOM, 2012      NCTPCI with drug-eluting stentsCABGRisk of bias negative
Hong, 2005     PCI withdrug-eluting stentsCABGRisk of bias -
everolimus eluting stent  
FUTURE I, 2004     everolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentnegative∞%
FUTURE II, 2006   everolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentLow risk of bias -
SPIRIT I, 2005    NCTeverolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentExploratory negative∞%
SPIRIT II, 2006      NCTeverolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentRisk of bias negative-65%
SPIRIT IV, 2010          NCTeverolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentRisk of bias suggesting