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atrial fibrillation  

Hillestad, 1971     quinidineno treatmentnegative∞%∞%
Sodermark, 1975     quinidineno treatmentsuggesting 105%468%
Lloyd (quinidine vs placebo), 1984   quinidineplaceboLow risk of bias negative∞%∞%
PAFAC (quinidine vs placebo), 2004       quinidineplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting5%10%
SOPAT (quinidine vs placebo), 2004       quinidineplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting∞%-26%
Byrne Quinn, 1979     quinidineplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting∞%46%
Steinbeck (quinidine vs digoxin), 1988   quinidinedigoxinnegative∞%
Lloyd (quinidine vs disopyramide), 1984   quinidinedisopyramideLow risk of bias -
Steinbeck (quinidine vs flecainide), 1988   quinidineflecainide -
Hohnloser, 1995     quinidinesotalolnegative 900%
Juul-Moller, 1990   quinidinesotalolnegative 15%131%
Kalusche, 1994   quinidinesotalolnegative∞%133%
SOCESP, 1999     quinidinesotalolnegative-100%32%
PAFAC (quinidine vs sotalol), 2004     quinidinesotalolLow risk of bias -
SOPAT (quinidine vs sotalol), 2004   quinidinesotalolLow risk of bias -