Dronedarone antiarrythmic drugs  


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Trial Studied trt Control trt patientstagsROB Trial resultAll cause deathAdverse events leading to treatment discontinuation

atrial fibrillation  

EURIDIS, 2007      NCTdronedaroneplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
ADONIS, 2007    NCTdronedaroneplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
DAFNE, 2003     dronedaroneplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting∞%∞%
EURIDIS ADONIS (pooled analysis), 2009   dronedaroneplaceboLow risk of bias negative32%36%
ATHENA, 2009      NCTdronedaroneplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting -16%57%
ERATO, 2008   dronedaroneplaceboLow risk of bias negative∞%51%
PALLAS, 2011        NCTdronedaroneplaceboLow risk of bias negative 128%
DIONISOS, 2007      NCTdronedaroneamiodaroneLow risk of bias suggesting -59%-52%

heart failure  

ANDROMEDA, 2008      NCTdronedaroneplaceboLow risk of bias negative 113%