Hydralazine - Hydralazine-ISDN - Isosorbide dinitrate      

Trial Studied trt Control trt patientstagsROB Trial resultearly death All cause death

acute coronary syndrome  

Doucet, 2000     placeboLow risk of bias -
Karlberg, 1998     placeboLow risk of bias -

acute myocardial infarction  

isosorbide dinitrate  
Hildebrandt, 1992   isosorbide dinitrateplaceboLow risk of bias negative-67%
ISIS-4, 1995   isosorbide mononitrateplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting-9%
Hargreaves, 1992   isosorbide mononitrateplaceboLow risk of bias negative-100%
Fitzgerald, 1990   isosorbide mononitrateplaceboLow risk of bias negative23%
ESPRIM, 1994   molsidomineplaceboLow risk of bias negative3%
Beaufils, 1988   molsidomineplaceboLow risk of bias negative-44%
Chiche, 1979   nitroglycerincontrolRisk of bias negative-66%
Bussman, 1981   nitroglycerincontrolExploratory suggesting-63%-69%
Nelson, 1983   nitroglycerincontrolRisk of bias negative
Jugdutt, 1983   nitroglycerincontrolExploratory suggesting-50%-45%
GISSI-3, 1994   nitroglycerincontrolRisk of bias suggesting-7%
Jugdutt, 1988   nitroglycerincontrolExploratory suggesting-76%
Flaherty, 1983   nitroglycerinplaceboRisk of bias negative-51%-14%
Jaffe, 1983     nitroglycerinplaceboLow risk of bias negative-52%100%
Lis, 1984   nitroglycerinplaceboLow risk of bias negative-41%-41%
Charvat, 1990   nitroglycerinplaceboLow risk of bias negative8%